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Northeast Ohio Overview

Northeast Ohio is a special place, with many opportunities for companies to grow and prosper, and many advantages for its residents to enjoy.

The region provides all the elements needed to insure a high quality of life. Among these are world-class healthcare facilities, a broad spectrum of educational institutions, a wide selection of cultural and recreational opportunities and numerous diverse ethnic communities.

The Northeast Ohio region houses highly visible and fan loyal professional sports teams, the 3rd most visited national park in the U.S., miles of Lake Erie shoreline, numerous lakes and streams, the second largest theater district outside of New York City, world-class museums and cultural events, dozens of golf courses including the famous Firestone Country Club, many small historic communities, thousands of acres of lakes, rivers and forests, and miles of open countryside.

The region consists of a 16-county quadrant in the northeast corner of the state. Bordered by Pennsylvania on the east and Lake Erie on the north, the region is geographically well situated between key cities in the United States and Canada.

More than 4.1 million people currently live in the region, at a cost of living that is approximately 12 – 20% below the national average. Northeast Ohio’s major industries focus on healthcare and medicine, science and engineering, biotechnology, education, and manufacturing. Northeast Ohio is headquarters for more than one third of the top 1,000 rubber and plastics companies and is home to world-class medical research and patient care facilities. More than 23,000 firms in the region are engaged in some form of international business that generated over 133,500 new jobs and $37.4 billion in related output in 2006. While the majority of these businesses engage in exporting and importing, other major international activities include technology transfer and licensing of intellectual property, global networking and logistics, financial investments, joint ventures/partnerships/subsidiaries, and international insurance.