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Global Business Development Initiative

The global marketplace continues to expand, opening new doors to success for Northeast Ohio companies, and new avenues for job creation in the region.  NEOTEC has responded to this changing economic environment with the development of the Global Business Development Initiative (GBDI), which has two main objectives:  1) assisting Northeast Ohio with export sales development, and 2) attracting foreign direct investment.  Both objectives are vital to Northeast Ohio's economic strength.

The foundation for GBDI is an independent white paper that NEOTEC commissioned in 2008 to determine the viability of Northeast Ohio as a location in which to conduct international business. This white paper, researched by the University of Akron, concluded that opportunities for growth and success abound for international companies considering doing business in Northeast Ohio.  Through GBDI, NEOTEC is utilizing the white paper to illuminate the many advantages of conducting business on an international level in Northeast Ohio. To read more about the international trade white paper, click here.

GBDI Program Objectives

  • Create international awareness of Northeast Ohio through the deployment of comprehensive communications and target marketing strategies.
  • Develop regional economic development support programs that provide NEOTEC members with unique and effective ways to attract new capital investment and jobs.
  • Provide NEOTEC members the opportunity to leverage their marketing budget through regional coordination and participation in international marketing activities.
  • Serve as a central point of communications, collaboration and integration between economic development organizations within the NEOTEC region.
  • Position Northeast Ohio as a preferred location for foreign companies serving the North American markets.
  • Ease the location process for foreign companies through deployment of the Global Rapid Response Team
  • Continue the development of an effective international business environment through the management and promotion of Foreign-Trade Zones 40 and 181, and the services of the Global Trade Group (GTG).
  • Increase our efforts to bring visibility to the logistics assets of Northeast Ohio through aggressive promotion. Continue the development of the Northeast Ohio Logistics Network to explore new ways to improve the flow of goods, information, and people in and out of the Northeast Ohio region.
  • Expand our efforts to strengthen relationships through collaboration with other regional, national and international groups and associations to further the objectives of NEOTEC and to add value to other local and regional marketing efforts.
  • Convert more inquiries to projects for the region with a “rapid-response” system to inquiries, and through a consistent and aggressive lead management process.
  • Develop an international Northeast Ohio brand as a Global Trade Region.

GBDI Program Support

  1. FDI Intelligence: Utilize Data Mining to identify and validate targeted markets and individual companies.
  2. Network development: Cultivate established contacts in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Mexico and South America.
  3. U.S. Department of Commerce - Invest in America: Develop a close working relationship to advise on policy issues and serve as an ombudsman in Washington, D.C., for the international investment community.
  4. Global Rapid Response Team: To assist foreign companies with their U.S. expansion plans, NEOTEC will administer the services of this team of Northeast Ohio professionals in the areas of finance, international law, workforce, global logistics, utilities, information technology, cultural and relocation assistance.
  5. Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET): Maintain collaboration with MAGNET to provide mutual support of manufacturing development in Northeast Ohio.
  6. U.S. Export Assistance Center: Collaborate with the U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) to pool resources for more efficient service to area companies.
  7. Ohio Development Services Agency: Partner with the Ohio Development Services Agency to provide export information and support to area companies to help the export process occur more efficiently and in a timely manner.


Winner of the 2009 Best Marketing Campaign Award
from the Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA)