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Location Northeast Ohio, USA

Why locate your business to Northeast Ohio?  A message to international companies:

To become profitable in the American marketplace, an international company needs every possible advantage.  Northeast Ohio is the place where international companies can make success happen.  We offer many distinct advantages that add up to great opportunities for success in the U.S. and North America.

Many other international companies have already discovered these advantages: more than 200 firms, wholly- or partially-owned by foreign companies representing 23 countries, currently have a U.S. location in Northeast Ohio.  In addition, more than 23,000 Northeast Ohio firms are engaged in some form of international business, which illustrates the productivity and opportunity for global growth in the region.

Northeast Ohio is comprised of 4.1 million people who enjoy a high quality of life and a cost of living that is 12 - 20 percent below the U.S. average.


Strategic Location
Northeast Ohio is centrally located where your business needs to be:

  • Northeast Ohio's central location means lower transportation costs.  Located in the northeast corner of Ohio with the state of Pennsylvania to the east and Canada to the north, Northeast Ohio provides easy access to major U.S. and Canadian markets.
  • Northeast Ohio is within a day’s drive of more than 50% of all U.S.and Canadian manufacturing facilities, the top 500 U.S. industrial
    headquarters, and the top 500 U.S. service corporate headquarters

Logistics Advantages
Move your products efficiently in Northeast Ohio:

  • Northeast Ohio is a multimodal logistics and distribution hub, with major ports on Lake Erie and the Ohio River; two international airports and a number of regional airports focusing on freight movement; one of the nation’s top highway systems; and a viable network of national and regional railroads
  • Two Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ 40 and FTZ 181) help you manage your global supply chain and lower your costs

Strong Workforce
Northeast Ohio has a legacy of business innovation and prosperity:

  • Historically prominent as a global leader in manufacturing, Northeast Ohio has successfully transitioned to the 21st century knowledge economy
  • Our region is recognized annually as one of the U.S. leaders in expanded capital projects
  • Our workforce is rated among the most productive in the nation—well known for its hardworking individuals who innovate and maintain successful companies

Educational and Technical Innovation
Northeast Ohio offers superb resources in education and technology:

  • Northeast Ohio is a world leader in polymers, liquid crystals and plastics
  • Advanced energy research has brought Northeast Ohio companies into the forefront of the development of renewable energy sources, fuel cells, nuclear and coal technologies
  • More than 400 bioscience companies and 62 hospitals employ almost a quarter of a million people in the region
  • There are 26 private colleges and state universities plus many other community college programs and technical trade schools
  • World-renowned medical facilities provide world-class patient care